Misfits Behind-The-Scenes

Special sneak preview of our feature in SFX#215

SFX travels to a zombie-cheerleader filled set for a Misfits behind-the-scenes feature in SFX #215 (in the shops on Wednesday 19 October). Here are a few titbits from the feature to whet your appetite:

“Matthew McNulty’s power-dealer Seth returns for several episodes after a brief, but important appearance in the Christmas special. To venture any deeper is to veer into spoiler country, but Seth’s presence highlights a crucial aspect of series three – the entire gang have new powers, and they won’t necessarily be keeping the same powers throughout either. Alisha’s new power allows her to get closer to people than ever before; Simon is still Superhoodie in training and picks his power accordingly; one of Curtis’s powers is closely linked to the undead, the other will show a completely unexpected side of... him; while [new Misfits star] Gilgun describes his as ‘...not so much a power but a problem. Like piles. Comparable to piles.’

“The powers might be changing but their purpose in the show isn’t, according to Overman. ‘What we’ve tried to do is come up with powers which generate emotional stories. In the first series they had them because they were related to their characters, and even though they choose them this time, the choices they make reflect who they are.’

“Overman cotinues, ‘One of the things with Nathan leaving is it did make me think about the other characters harder and come up with some really good stuff for people like Curtis this year. In a funny way it did reinvigorate the other characters, it forces you to be creative and imaginative… Simon and Alisha is one of the big stories across the series, especially towards the end. In some ways Simon has the biggest arc: it’s a huge journey to take the character on.’

“Zomboids and the continuing adventures of Superhoodie aren’t the only things keeping the gang busy this series. After Steven Moffat had a crack at them in “Let’s Kill Hitler” those pesky Nazis will also be making a guest appearance in the Misfits -verse. ‘It’ll be interesting to see what people make of our different approaches to it, but I’ll be more interested to see what people think of that episode, because it’s quite different to anything else we’ve done,’ says Overman. ‘We often take stories from particular genres, so the Nazi episode is like our thriller war movie. It feels a bit Where Eagles Dare , like a proper war film on a budget.’

“The curveballs don’t stop with a war movie episode though. ‘There’s a good one involving a super-powered venereal disease, which is quite a different!’”

There are loads, loads more intriguing revelations about Misfits series three in SFX #215. Don't miss it when it comes out on Wednesday, or order your iPhone or iPad version here .

Dave Golder
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Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.