Miles and his mum catch-up in new Spider-Man: Miles Morales teaser

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The latest teaser for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales shows Miles and his mum, Rio Morales, catching up in a sweet text message conversation. 

The video is once again shown from Miles’ point of view as he plays a game on his phone and then opens up his direct messages to text his mum, Rio Morales. They write back and forth and the video shows just how close Miles is to his mum. They talk about her campaign and chat about what’s going on, the overall exchange builds up their relationship and is quite touching. She even sends him a photo of Ganke Lee posing with Miles in the Spider-Man suit, not knowing that it’s her son.

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So far, we know that Rio Morales is a science teacher who is running for city council, garnering lots of support while also opposing the mega-corporation Roxxon. Her opponent, who is a strong advocate for Roxxon is also gaining neighborhood trust, so it looks like Miles’ mum may be playing a big part in the main narrative. 

This new teaser is one of many Insomniac Games have been sharing over the past week. Miles has been catching up with characters such as Ganke Lee, his long-time friend with a talent for engineering, and it seems like Ganke will be helping Miles with his suits in the game.

Another teaser showed a text message conversation with the original Spider-Man himself, Peter Parker who gives Miles encouragement in his new role as the web-slinger.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was announced in June earlier this year and Insomniac is regularly sharing more about the game each day leading up to the release on November 12.

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