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Michael Fassbender On Magnetos First Class Costume

Sounds like it could be quite traditional in director Matthew Vaughn’s ’60s-based X-Men prequel/reboot/whatever-it-is

In an interview with MSN Movies , Michael Fassbender talks about his role as Magneto in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class , revealing that his costume could be quite loyal to the comics.

“As for our costumes, we went back and forth on so many things. We added things that worked in the comics, took them away again, and stripped them down again… When it came to the Magneto suit, you know, there’s various stages of what has been done with it, but you will have something that is traditional to the comics. There is a helmet (laughs), which is of course essential to keep Charlie-boy out of my head, and the colours are also kept traditional to the comics, that sort of red and purple. I don’t know if I’m giving you too much, but I'll say it anyway.”

He also reckons that the production side made it easy to get into a ’60s vibe:

“There’s a scene where they just sort of transformed this hall in London into Buenos Aires Airport, and I just looked around this mock airport and said to myself, ‘My God, I’ve just had a feeling of being in the ’60s.’ From the colours to the costume designs to the production design itself, there’s a sort of nostalgia in the air when you look around the room. It’s just from my own perception of the ’60s, and all that came with it in terms of the music and the fashions and so forth, but all of that comes across in the visual references that we all have. All of that is there to encapsulate the feeling of that era, for sure.”