Mediatonic says they'll stop letting Fall Guys cheaters finish games

Fall Guys
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Mediatonic is cracking down on Fall Guys cheaters, announcing plans to kick them from games instead of letting them complete the whole show first.

As it stands right now, outed cheaters can still finish up the show they're playing before being blocked, but Mediatonic says that's all about to change. We don't have specifics just yet, but the below tweet suggests, at the very least, that cheaters will soon be booted from games as soon as they're caught.

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It's a rather out-of-character message for the famously "spicy" Fall Guys Twitter account, underscoring Mediatonic's commitment to addressing the growing issue of cheaters in Fall Guys. It's also surely encouraging to anyone who's experienced the sort of antics Fall Guys cheaters get up to; running through stages at lightning speed and flying over obstacles. Mediatonic hasn't provided a timeline on when to expect the new banhammer to come into effect, but it sounds like the campaign to minimize cheating in Fall Guys is an ongoing effort.

If you've managed to score a few wins in Fall Guys (without cheating) and you're feeling pretty confident, there's still time to submit your name to FallMania, an unofficial winner-takes-all Fall Guys tournament with a prize of $5,000. It's an invitational event, but streamers professional and casual can request an invite if they think they're up to snuff. The first round kicks off this Thursday, August 27.

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