Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is hiding a cute Apex Legends easter egg

Apex Legends
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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond players have uncovered an Apex Legends easter egg hiding within the new VR game.

Below, you can see a Medal of Honor player rifling through what looks like an office in an area of Above and Beyond, Respawn's new VR shooter. Near the end of the video, they open a chest, and one of the items that they dig up is none other than Nessy, the adorable dragon mascot of Apex Legends.

found a familiar friend in Respawn's Medal of Honor :) from r/apexlegends

If you aren't familiar with the strange green dinosaur from Apex Legends, it was originally a massive easter egg in Respawn's battle royale shooter back when it originally launched in February 2021. You had to run around the original King's Canyon map, finding small plushes of Nessy not unlike the one you can see in the video above.

Once you and your squad found every Nessy hiding out around the map, one huge Nessy would jump out of the sea near the edge of the map. Although this particular easter egg isn't around any more in Apex Legends, Nessy has retained something of a mascot status for the game. In fact, you can even buy your very own Nessy for just $9.99 from various retailers throughout the US.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond just recently launched for PC VR kit earlier this month. The game has some astounding system requirements, but unfortunately shipped with a fair few bugs and glitches, which developer Respawn has since pledged to fix through multiple updates and patches.

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