Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has a bug problem, but updates are on the way

(Image credit: Respawn/Oculus)

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond surprise-launched during last week's Game Awards, but not without some issues.

Players are reporting both a lack of expected features like smooth turning and detailed graphic settings, and a series of gameplay and performance issues that include incredibly long loading times and glitches where players can't grab weapons. 

A bizarre feature includes a giant victory screen appearing at the end of every vignette within each mission, which players report is quite jarring. Other issues include jumpy, staccato turning that results in a flashing effect as players manoeuvre within the world. 

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is available on Steam and Oculus, with the former seeming to prompt more performance reports than the latter, according to IGN. This is Respawn's first VR game, and the studio responded to the extensive feedback on Reddit two days ago.

According to the post, devs are working on a patch set to release in the next few days that will include:

  • Smooth turning
  • Remove mission victory screen between levels
  • Unlock Gallery content from the start of the game
  • Fix weapon grabbing issues in Quartermaster
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and quality of life improvements

The team is also working on the next patch after the upcoming one, which will include implementing additional visual scaling options. "We're trying to balance the scope of each patch vs our ability to release fixes and improvements quickly," reads the Reddit post. 

For the best performance after the patch, make sure you have the Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond system requirements. 

Alyssa Mercante

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