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Massive Arcanine plush that is the size of a Great Dane can now be pre-ordered

life-sized Arcanine plush
(Image credit: The Pokemon Center)

A massive Arcanine, who will take up your entire sofa and cost a small fortune, is now ready for pre-order. 

This larger-than-life stuffed toy comes in at 27 ½ inches high and 59 inches wide - which is genuinely almost about the size of a Great Dane, one of the biggest dog breeds in the world. Slightly cheaper and lower maintenance than an actual Great Dane though, the Arcanine plush will cost its future owners $449.99 USD or $584.99 CAD. 

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The plush is available for pre-order via The Pokemon Center and is expected to start shipping out in late May 2022. Due to its size and durability, this plush can be displayed in a multitude of ways; as a loyal companion perched on your sofa, a doorstop in your office, a comfy backrest, or even something to cuddle up to at night. 

This isn’t the first giant plush we’ve seen from the Pokemon Center recently, as the company also teamed up with bean bag company Yogibo Bags to create giant Snorlax and Ditto bean bags. These two came in at a more modest four feet tall and 30 inches wide but were still priced at around an eye-watering $200 each. 

Unfortunately, just like the Snorlax and Ditto bean bags, we haven’t seen any sign of the huggable Arcanine plush making its way over to the UK or anywhere other than the US and Canada just yet. Fingers crossed the rest of the world will be able to get their hands on this squishy trio soon

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