Mass Effect Mordin Solus plush sings, runs tests on a seashell, and is up for pre-order

(Image credit: Sanshee/BioWare)

Mass Effect fans know Mordin Solus is the real scientist-soldier-singer triple threat, and now you can help him enjoy his well-earned retirement in plush form.

Fandom merch specialists Sanshee are currently taking pre-orders for their Mass Effect - Mordin Solus Collector's Plush, an adorable recreation of the stalwart Salarian, but only for two more days. On top of being a huggable, super-deformed version of the Mass Effect squadmate who (potentially) cured the Krogan genophage, the plush also sings four different songs when you press his left hand - with batteries included.

While Mordin's left hand is used to show off his singing talents, his right hand has a little built-in magnet that can be used to attach an included seashell plush. You know, so he can run tests on it. Sorry, I'm not crying as I remember my Mordin's valiant sacrifice, I just have something in my special eyes.

According to Sanshee, the Mordin plushes should start shipping out in early August. If you want to give him a little friend, you could also pre-order this adorable little Hanar Hanger Plush that's set to ship a little later. Or you could pretend he's Blasto and recreate your own version of the first hanar Spectre's explosive exploits.

Previous Mass Effect plushes from Sanshee include Garrus, who is currently sold out, and Grunt, who is currently on sale for $19.99. Don't feel bad, Grunt - you're much more than a Wrex stand-in in our hearts.

BioWare says it's working on a new game from one of its "most prestigious franchises" and we really hope it's Mass Effect.

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