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Mass Effect 3's Operation Exorcist launching soon, PS3 still not invited

BioWare's issued a briefing on its next Mass Effect 3 N7 Bounty Weekend, assigning Alliance forces to put down an army of Cerberus's sneakiest unit, and keep a squad together through the toughest missions.

Entitled Operation Exorcist, the multiplayer promotion runs this Friday at 6pm (PST) until Monday, April 30, at 5am (PST). Collectively, BioWare is challenging the ME3 online community to kill 1,000,000 of Cerberus's ninja-like Phantoms. Individually, it's daring entire squads to stay alive until extraction on any map set on Gold difficulty.

All players who participate in the N7 Bounty Weekend will receive a free Victory Pack, assuming the Phantom purge is successful. Meanwhile, teams who achieve their Gold map goal will limp away with a Commendation Pack.

Unfortunately, PS3 soldiers will have to watch the fun from the sidelines yet again, as Sony has yet to greenlight the ME3 N7 Bounty Weekends on the PlayStation Network. There is word this might change for future ME3 multiplayer weekends (read: ME3's next N7 Bounty Weekend teased, Sony “working” on PS3 inclusion), but for now it appears Operation Exorcist is an Xbox 360 and PC-only party.

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