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Mass Effect 3's next N7 Bounty Weekend teased, Sony working on PS3 inclusion

BioWare is taking a breather from its Mass Effect 3 N7 multiplayer promotions this weekend, but the good news is Operation Exorcist is a go for the last week in April and Sony is closer to looping PlayStation 3 owners in on the action.

In an updated post over at BioWare blog, the studio announced it will be conducting its online N7 Operations every other weekend from this point forward, beginning with a multiplayer challenge dubbed Operation Exorcist from April 27 – 29. No details were given as to what this may entail, but we're assuming Banshees will be involved. Protip: Bring your earplugs.

In other positive news for PS3 fans, Sony recently told Shacknews it is toiling away behind the scenes to let PlayStation forces participate in the N7 Bounty Weekends, saying, "We are currently working together with EA and BioWare on an implementation to bring Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekends to PS3."

To date, only Xbox 360 and PC Alliance forces have had access to the online promos, which have granted bonus perks and rewards for all those that complete their various objectives. This month, BioWare and EA also sweetened the online pot for everyone with the announcement of free multiplayer DLC. See what you get for being social in Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer “Resurgence” DLC is coming very soon, for free.

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