Masochistic Dark Souls streamer randomly switches between Elden Ring, Sekiro, and Dark Souls games every few seconds

Dark Souls 3
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One Dark Souls streamer is really taking sadomasochism to the next level by alternating between different FromSoftware games every few seconds.

Streamer star0chris had a great idea - what if, instead of just playing one FromSoftware game, they played all of the Soulslike games at once? To that end, they streamed themselves playing the Dark Souls trilogy, Elden Ring, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but every 10 to 30 seconds, they'd be forced to switch between any of the aforementioned games.

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So, they bounced from fending off Isshin Ashina, one of Sekiro's most difficult bosses, straight into taking a lift in Dark Souls' Anor Londo. There seemingly isn't even a grace period for the streamer while he's forced to switch games - it's just a case of 'bam, here's an entirely different game for you to play.'

"No, why would you swap there?!" star0chris screamed, as the switch took him directly from Isshin Ashina winding up to unleash one of his more devastating attacks, straight into Anor Londo. Later, they're then forcibly teleported from facing off against Elden Ring's Godfrey, right back into the Ashina boss fight in Sekiro, where they're mercifully still alive.

The wild thing is, this actually isn't the work of a mod. It's technically the work of a script that has all five games open and running simultaneously on your PC, although, as star0chris attests to in the responses on Twitter, it's understandably hard to get running, because every PC will have to adapt to running the script according to hardware specifications. 

It's not entirely clear if star0chris has beaten any of the five FromSoftware games he's playing at once, although if he's playing through them all from the very beginning, making it to Godfrey and Isshin Ashina is in itself a huge achievement. Let it never be said that Dark Souls fans don't know how to get very creative, even if the result is self-inflicted pain.

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