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Marvel's Spider-Man Script Book takes you behind the scenes of Insomniac's PS4 hit

(Image credit: Insomniac)

Spider-Man PS4 was a huge success when it landed last year, so it's no surprise that developer Insomniac and Marvel Games are releasing a new Script Book hardcover which promises to let fans "further explore the nuances and finer details of the game’s story."

Available worldwide from February 11, 2020 (though you'll be able to purchase it from select comic book stores a few weeks' earlier), the Spider-Man Script Book features the full script of the game itself, alongside new artwork and behind-the-scenes insight from its creators at both Marvel and Insomniac. 

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(Image credit: Disney / Marvel)

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According to Amazon, the book will set you back $50/£40, but it's sure to make a great coffee table item for any Spider-Man fan, especially given that a sequel to Insomniac's smash superhero hit is looking likelier than ever following PlayStation's acquisition of the studio itself. 

Indeed, Spider-Man PS4 was the first game to show off the processing power of the PS5, suggesting that a follow-up from this iteration of Peter Parker will be a next-gen exclusive. 

Until anything official about that potential project is announced, however, this Script Book is your next best taste of Insomniac's nascent superhero universe, which may or may not be connected to the upcoming Marvel's Avengers game from Square Enix...

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