Marvel's Avengers trailer shows Spider-Man humiliating a bunch of goons

The Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man reveal trailer is here, giving us our first look at the webslinger in action in Crystal Dynamics' superhero team-up.

The new trailer is purely cinematic, but it does give a general sense of Spider-Man's speed and movement in Marvel's Avengers. This might not carry over to the actual gameplay, but Spidey seems a touch slowed down compared to his counterpart in Insomniac's Spider-Man games. 

Regardless, it doesn't seem to matter much in this particular scenario from the trailer, as he effortlessly dispatches a bunch of goons before AIM shows up with their Beekeepers. For a second, it looks like Spider-Man might be in some real trouble, but then Captain America's shield flies into view and bumps off four goons in one go. Soon enough, all of the Avengers are there, and they make quick work of the troublemakers. "Looks like I got some friends too," Spider-Man quips as the Earth's mightiest heroes assemble behind him, leaving one remaining Beekeeper with a very sudden change of heart.

Spider-Man swings into Marvel's Avengers November 30 on PS4 and PS5 with a new Hero Event and story arc, as well as the game's first-ever Raid and some system updates. The story sees Peter Parker reluctantly team up with Black Widow and Ms. Marvel after uncovering AIM's dastardly plot to strengthen their Synthoid army with some new tech that could make the baddies unstoppable. As ever, he'll need to put an end to their scheming without revealing his true identity.

Over in movie land, we recently had a chat with MCU superstar Tom Holland on working with three generations of Spider-Man villains.

Jordan Gerblick

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