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Marvel Villainous board game announced for August and we can barely wait

The Marvel Villainous box art, showing Thanos in silhouette
(Image credit: Ravensburger)

The Villainous board game series will expand from the realm of Disney do-badders to comic book curmudgeons with a new game called Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power.

Following in the megalomaniacal machinations of the Disney Villainous board game - which earned high marks in our list of the best board games - Marvel Villainous: Infinity Power will let players take on the roles of five villains from across the Marvel universe. Their ranks will include Thanos, Hela, and Ultron, with the two remaining nemeses to be revealed at a later date. 

Make it a date

(Image credit: Thames & Kosmos)

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I deeply hope that one of the two is MODOK because, A) he's MODOK, and B) I need to see Villainous' beautifully minimalist game piece design applied to a giant floating head with tiny arms and legs. The Disney Villainous expansions proved the formula is ideal for adding on new challengers, so that's always an option if he doesn't make the first cut.

Marvel Villainous is not itself another expansion for the Disney game, and rather a freestanding product of its own. Still, its mechanics will be familiar for folks who have already played the Disney version, with each player progressing along their own board and working toward unique victory conditions as they deal out difficulties to slow their rivals. Each villain will have their own special powers; for instance, we know that Hela will get to use Soul Mark tokens. What do they do? I dunno, but it sounds bad.

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power is being designed by Prospero Hall and published by Ravensburger, the same team behind Disney Villainous, so it's already off to a strong start. You'll be able to pick up a copy for $34.99 starting in August 2020, and the base game will support two to four players from ages 12 and up. 

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