Marvel teases Fantastic Four content coming to Spider-Man PS4

With the newly added Sam Raimi suit still in our rear-view mirrors, both Marvel Games and developer Insomniac Games are teasing yet more new content for Spider-Man PS4. From Marvel's teaser Tweet, we know it's related to the Fantastic Four, but anything beyond that is anyone's guess.  

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The most popular theory is that one or more Fantastic Four spidey suits are on the way. Extra suits are handily the most common bonus content in Marvel's Spider-Man, and as many fans have pointed out, there are a few strong contenders in the Fantastic Four universe. The most likely ones are the lovably slapdash Amazing Bag-Man suit, which is literally Spider-Man in a spare Fantastic Four uniform but with a bag over his head, and the slick Future Foundation suit. 

As much as I'd love to see Spider-Man swing around New York with a paper bag on his head, I'm partial to the Future Foundation suit on this one. It looks pretty dang cool on its own, and if it retains the ability to change its appearance on the fly, it may well be the last bonus suit we'll ever need. That said, I also rather like the idea that the mystery DLC will just plonk the Baxter Building into New York, as one Twitter user suggested. 

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In any case, I'm sure we'll find out fairly soon. If this mystery content is a new suit, it's probably not too far out, and if it's something more ambitious - like more City That Never Sleeps-style DLC connected to members of the Fantastic Four, as some optimistic fans have suggested - you can bet more information is already on the way. 

Here's how to unlock all the other Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 suits.  

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