Mark Waters has Seven Days

He’s just finished making The Spiderwick Chronicles, and now director Mark Waters wants to tackle something even more challenging, even if it doesn’t seem that way compared to legions of goblins and trolls.

After he finishes up The Ghosts Of Girlfriends past he’ll develop Seven Days, written by novelist Joshua Ferris for Universal. The story will follow seven vitally important days in a man’s life across 20 years, with each chunk of the film kicking off as he wakes up on each of the days. "I can't remember large periods of my life that well, but certain days stick in my mind, for good reasons and bad," Ferris blabbed to The Hollywood Reporter. "At the end, hopefully it will be a portrait of a life as it's lived."

He’ll have to wait to write the thing – he’s got the idea but hasn’t started a script and won’t be able to scribble a word while the strike continues.