Mario Golf Nintendo Switch revival revealed

Mario Golf Rush
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Mario Golf: Super Rush game is coming to Switch on June 25, Nintendo announced today. 

The long-overdue revival was revealed during today's Nintendo Direct along with a trailer breaking down some of its new and returning features.

Mario Golf Super Rush can be played using traditional button controls and motion controls, and there are several different game modes on top of the traditional versus mode. One of them, called Speed Golf, really turns the Mario Golf formula on its head in a fun way, by having multiple players tee off at the same time and then race toward their balls to try to sink them in before their competitors. In Nintendo's trademark chaotic multiplayer fashion, Speed Golf will spice things up with items, special moves, and unique character abilities to turn a beautiful sunny day at the golf course into a bloodless bloodbath.

There's also an RPG-like story mode where you play as your Mii and level up different stats using experience points earned during matches. In addition to the usual cast of characters from the Mario series, you'll be able to play as your Mii in the other modes as well.

The last mainline Mario Golf game was 2014's Mario Golf: Tour for the 3DS, with the most recent home console release being 2003's Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on GameCube. Golf is also one of the sports available on the Mario Sports Superstars 3DS compilation game from 2017.

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