Man Of Steel storms to top of US box office

It looks as though Warner Bros' barrage of promotional material has done its job, as Man Of Steel comfortably topped the box office in both the UK and the US.

The film raked in $113 million in the US, taking it to $125 million in total following Thursday night previews. It’s the biggest weekend take for any June on record, topping Toy Story 3 ’s $110 million back in 2010.

Man Of Steel also scored big in the UK, taking $17.1 million of the film’s $71.6 million worldwide non-US haul, well on the way to covering the film's $225 million budget.

The film’s commercial success will be a big relief to Warner studio bosses, having already set the wheels in motion for a second film, with Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer set to return .

It should also increase the chances of a Justice League movie, particularly if the film continues to perform well. Man Of Steel is out in cinemas now.

George Wales

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