Man of Steal

It’s a big year for the boy from Krypton – unless you’ve been living somewhere in the vicinity of the spiky green planet itself, you’ll know that Bryan Singer’s long-awaited epic Superman Returns swoops in to cinemas this July.

The dedicated surfer will have also noted that during a recent chat with Adrien Brody , he mentioned an upcoming project called Truth, Justice And The American Way – in which Brody plays a detective who investigates the arguably suspicious death of the original celluloid Superman, George Reeves.

After lifting its moniker from the Man Of Steel’s motto, distributors Focus Features have been threatened with court action from franchise owners Warner Bros and were therefore forced to change their title to Hollywoodland.

The flick explores the events before and after Reeves death in 1959 - he was found dead from a single gunshot wound. His death was put down as suicide - it’s reported the star was suffering with depression over being typecast as Superman - but many still maintain Reeves death occurred under suspicious circumstances.

The project is in post production and also stars Ben Affleck as Reeves, with support from Diane Lane and Brit star Bob Hoskins.

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