Malignant and M3GAN writer lines up next horror movie project

Akela Cooper
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Akela Cooper, the writer behind genre titles such as The Nun 2, M3GAN, and Malignant has lined up her next horror movie project; an adaptation of a short story we know nothing about... yet.

According to MSN, Cooper is currently drafting the screenplay for a feature-length version of Colin Bannon's Don't Look. At this stage, it's unclear what the plot will be given that the story is unpublished, but the publication states that Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story's Janelle Monáe is in talks to star and produce, alongside Ground Control's Scott Glassgold.

Monáe's production company Wondaland signed a first-look deal with Universal Pictures way back in November 2018, and this will presumably be the first official title released through that collaboration. The singer-turned-actor is no stranger to darker roles, having led the 2020 Westworld-esque horror-mystery Antebellum.

Also starring Jena Malone, Kiersey Clemons, and Gabourey Sidibe, the film sees Monáe play a woman living a curious, and devastating, dual reality: a slave in the 19th Century and a wealthy sociology author in the modern day. As the lines between each "world" blur, Eden – or Veronica – must find a way to overcome her oppressors, escape the plantation, and discover who she really is.

Janelle Monae as Eden in Antebellum

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Criticized for its lack of social commentary and the way it sensationalizes the suffering of Black women, it currently holds a 31% rating on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.

Glassgold and Cooper recently teamed up on upcoming feature It's Over, Sony Pictures' adaptation of a short story by Jack Follman. Blending horror and humor, which seems to be Cooper's well-loved go-to of late, it is said to detail the painful breakup of a long-time couple. 

Elsewhere, Universal is also developing another of Bannon's tales, Long Lost. Described as a cross between What Lies Beneath and Rosemary's Baby, the outing is set to tell the story "of a recently married woman whose life is upended when her husband's long-lost wife shockingly returns after she was believed to be dead, sparking fears that she's hatching a sinister plan to reclaim what was once hers."

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