Save up to $20 in Magic: The Gathering deals - but only for a few more hours

Magic: The Gathering deals
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If you're looking to top up your deck with cheap Magic: The Gathering deals, you may be interested to hear that there's currently a sale on boosters, decks, and more at Best Buy. Move quickly and you can save up to $20 on one of the best card games.

While many of the discounts are modest with a couple of dollars off here or there, there are a few big reductions in today's Magic: The Gathering deals. The most eye-catching would be the Pioneer Challenger Deck 2021 for $29.99 instead of almost $50, or the Innistrad: Crimson Vow Commander Deck at $24.99 rather than $41.99 (a saving of $17).

Not interested in those bigger packs? There are plenty of smaller price cuts on booster sleeves, ranging from Innistrad to Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. There's even a starter kit for just $4.99 ($2 less than normal).

You'll find all the Magic: The Gathering deals by clicking on the link below. As for what's still to come, you can also check out the latest MTG Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty card reveal here.

Today's best Magic: The Gathering deals


Magic: The Gathering | Check all the deals at Best Buy
Take a look at the full range of discounts to see if anything tickles your fancy, be it booster packs or full decks. However, be advised that the sale ends in a few hours. Take advantage of it now while you can!

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