Lost Cast: Movie CV

Ian Somerhalder (Boone Carlyle)

The Movie CV: A former model, Somerhalder’s breakthrough role was as smirking pretty boy Paul Denton in The Rules Of Attraction , a bisexual college student who finds himself with a crush on James Van Der Beek. Remember him? Nope, thought not.

Was Lost His Destiny?
It makes sense. Somerhalder also played “beautiful but conflicted” in 2002’s Changing Hearts , and Boone is another in the same mould. After all, a fling with your stepsister will tend to mess you up a bit. Not that he had long to wrestle with it once the Island got involved…

John Hawkes (Lennon)

The Movie CV: Don’t recognise the name? How about Pete Bottoms? Ring any bells? Right, okay well he’s the hapless liquor store clerk at the beginning of From Dusk Til Dawn who soon finds himself on the wrong side of Quentin Tarantino’s nutjob. Hawkes was in American Gangster too, but that wasn’t half as cool. Sorry Denzel.

Was Lost His Destiny? Well he’d already ticked off CSI, Deadwood and 24 so it was only a matter of time. That said, Lennon’s beardy mystique is a change of pace from Hawkes’ typically affable persona.

John Terry (Christian Shepherd)

The Movie CV: No, not that one. As far as we know the Chelsea skipper hasn’t made any movies… although The News Of The World are probably sitting on one as we speak… Anyhow, this John Terry cropped up opposite Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights . He plays Bond’s old mucker Felix Leiter, Jeffrey Wright’s character in the Daniel Craig flicks.

Was Lost His Destiny?
Terry is right at home as the ageing smoothie with an eye for the ladies. However, whilst Felix was one of the good guys, Christian… well he was all right when he was alive…

Sam Anderson (Bernard Nadler)

The Movie CV: The sort of jobbing actor you vaguely recognise, but can’t put your finger on. Well, we’ll help you out. He was Tom Hanks’ high school principal in Forrest Gump . And he had a bit-part in Hot Shots: Part Deux . And then there was Critters 2 … maybe we should leave it there.

Was Lost Their Destiny? He’s a bit of a shit in Forrest Gump , using his position as principal to take advantage of Forrest’s old dear. Bernard on the other hand, is a lovely old gent with a heart of gold. We like him better.

Fionulla Flanagan (Eloise Hawking)

The Movie CV: With plenty of heavyweight credits under her belt ( Transamerica, Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood , er… Waking Ned ?) Flanagan has been around the block a few times, but she’s probably best remembered for her turn as the spooky old housekeeper in The Others .

Was Lost Their Destiny?
Definitely. Playing another off-key old dame in Eloise Hawking, Flanagan pinches every scene she’s in, particularly when she crops up in Desmond’s eerie “other life”. And what was the name of that film again? The Others … coincidence?

Ken Leung (Miles Straume)

The Movie CV: Another familiar face, with a string of big-name movies in the bank including turns in Rush Hour, AI and Vanilla Sky . Leung was once described as being, “equivalent to Phillip Seymour Hoffman as far as talent’s concerned.” Then again, that was Brett Ratner speaking.

Was Lost His Destiny?
It’s a pretty good fit, particularly given Miles’ alternate-life as a copper. Leung played police in Saw , remember? And you know who he was tracking, of course… that’s right, it was Michael Emerson! It’s all connected, we’re telling you!

Alan Dale (Charles Widmore)

Th e Movie CV: Despite turning up on practically every hit TV show of the last decade, old Jim Robinson hasn’t really made the jump to the silver screen. That said, he did bag himself a role in Star Trek Nemesis , turning up as Vulcan Praetor Hiren.

Was Lost His Destiny? Wealthy, sinister old-boy? Dale’s played this role in everything from The O.C . to 24 ! It’s still not certain whether Widmore’s intentions towards the island will be for the good or bad, but we wouldn’t mind betting things will take a turn for the villainous before long.

Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday)

The Movie CV: Plenty of Serious Acting chops on Davies’s CV, with roles in Solaris and Lars Von Trier’s Dogville lining up alongside such box-office-friendly fare as Rescue Dawn and Saving Private Ryan .

Was Lost His Destiny? Faraday is certainly no soldier, although Davies’ turn as a prisoner of war in Rescue Dawn shows hints of the scientist’s doe-eyed vulnerability. Solaris is a better bet, with Jezzer on full-on pointy-fingered beardy-weirdy form. Seriously, his character is essentially Daniel Faraday on a spaceship.

Zuleikha Robinson (Ilana Verdansky)

The Movie CV: Fairly sparse, but she did star opposite Viggo Mortensen in horsey saga Hidalgo . Robinson plays the feisty sheikh’s daughter Jazira, a horse-rider to rival Viggo himself! Plum role on paper, duff film in reality.

Was Lost His Destiny?
Robinson plays another tough-chick on the Island, starring as the mysterious Ilana, one of Jacob’s acolytes. Is it just us, or does she seem a bit like a reheated version of Ana Lucia? At least she was killed by a bullet wound. Ilana’s eventual exit is far more comical…

Cheech Marin (David Reyes)

The Movie CV: First stop has to be the Cheech and Chong series, the stoner farce that made our man Cheech a household name. Factor in Robert Rodriguez’s continued patronage (“apple-pie pussy” anybody?) and Marin is arguably one of the biggest stars to appear in Lost !

Was Lost His Destiny? A boozing, philandering slacker, Hurley’s old man is a walk in the park for Cheech who’s made a career out of playing, you guessed it, boozing, philandering slackers! We’re just waiting for the scene where he skins up...

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