Lost Cast: Movie CV

Terry O'Quinn (John Locke)

The Movie CV: O’Quinn’s most memorable film role came as serial family-killer Jerry Blake, in hammy ‘80s slash-em-up The Stepfather . That’s about as far as it goes in terms of Hollywood leads, although he does pop up in Old School as Luke Wilson’s hard-ass boss.

Was Lost His destiny? Blake arrives into families' lives as a kindly father figure, before turning into a knife-wielding maniac. That's John Locke's six season story-arc right there.

Matthew Fox (Jack Shepherd)

The Movie CV: Before hitting mega-stardom, the Party Of Five regular had notched up just the one film credit, in teen comedy My Boyfriend’s Back . Never heard of it? It’s worth a look, if only for casting Phillip Seymour Hoffman as a high-school jock!

Was Lost His Destiny? Fox was pretty much untried as a leading man, but People Magazine did include him as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People In The World , back in 1996, solid preparation for Jack’s numerous shirtless scenes on the island.

Josh Holloway (James "Sawyer" Ford)

The Movie CV: Another relative unknown pre- Lost (an appearance in an Aerosmith vid aside), Holloway did star as psychotic lover-man Sean (alongside fellow Lostie Jeff Fahey) in ropey erotic thriller Cold Heart .

Was Lost His Destiny? Sawyer is a charmer with an edge, but he’s not a nutcase like the perma-grinning Sean. That said, there’s enough Sean in Sawyer to suggest Holloway will be playing brooding bad-boys for a while to come yet. Hopefully with that Southern twang intact. He sounds weird without it.

The Movie CV: A Londoner by birth, Andrews’ career high-point came as Indian sapper Kip in Anthony Minghella’s Oscar-hogging war flick, The English Patient . That’s overlooking the obvious high of Mighty Joe Young , of course…Oh and then there was Rollerball . Good job Lost happened when it did, eh?

Was Lost His Destiny? Kip and Syeed aren’t a million miles apart, both being military men with a penchant for the romantic. Syeed is a bit more torture-happy, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less of a softie. Actually, maybe it does…

Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace)

The Movie CV: An overnight superstar after his part in the Lord Of The Rings juggernaut. Amid all the forces-of-darkness-based hand-wringing, Monaghan provides the saga’s comic relief, clowning around with Billy Boyd as Hobbit duo Merry and Pippin.

Was Lost His Destiny? In a way, yeah, with Charlie (like Merry) serving to lighten things up whenever Jack and Sawyer’s perennial cock-measuring gets a bit intense. That said, Merry’s only vice was the occasional puff of pipeweed…we’ve yet to hear of a hobbit with a heroin problem.

Michael Emerson (Ben Linus)

The Movie CV: Having mainly worked on the stage and small screen, Emerson shot to Tinseltown prominence with his role in the first instalment of the Saw franchise, playing Jigsaw’s creepy puppet, Zep.

Was Lost His Destiny?
Oh hell yes. Emerson takes his unsettling weirdo routine to new heights as Lost ’s resident baddie, the reptilian Ben Linus. Even when he (possibly) mends his ways in the final season, he still gives us the creeps… Snivelling bad-guys don’t get much more chilling than this.

Harold Perrineau (Michael Dawson)

The Movie CV: Best loved for his turn as Leo’s cross-dressing mate Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet , Perrineau also has another baffling sci-fi saga under his belt, having played crewman Link in the Matrix sequels. Don’t remember him? You were probably asleep through those…

Was Lost His Destiny?
Whilst Mercutio and Link were out-and-out goodies, Michael sells his friends down the river at the first opportunity. Although he is doing it for his son… in any case Perrineau does a bang-up job with one of the show’s more tortured individuals.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet Burke)

The Movie CV: A TV regular Stateside ( ER, Boston Legal, CSI etc), there’s no question as to which film we remember Elizabeth Mitchell for. That’s right, she was Angelina Jolie’s girl-on-girl lover in steamy fashion biopic Gia ! Bravo Elizabeth… bravo.

Was Lost Her Destiny?
Not really. Juliet Burke is a much more straight-laced character, despite managing to get her hands on both Jack and Sawyer. Sadly, there hasn’t been a sniff of her getting her hands on Kate.

Jeff Fahey (Captain Frank Lapidus)

The Movie CV: Fahey’s got a CV as long as your arm, but his standout movie has to be The Lawnmower Man . That’s right, raggedy old Captain Frank is none other than braying simpleton Jobe Smith! Minus the denim dungarees, thankfully.

Was Lost His Destiny? Not really. Although both characters have plenty of sci-fi weirdness to contend with, Smith is a dim-witted hayseed, whilst Lapidus is a grizzled old wise-ass. As Sawyer points out, “he looks like he wandered in from a Burt Reynolds movie.”

Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia Cortez)

The Movie CV: Pre- Lost, Rodriguez had carved out a niche for herself as Hollywood’s go-to girl for take-no-shit bad-asses, as seen in everything from low-key indie flicks ( Girlfight ) to wham-bam blockbuster fare ( Resident Evil, The Fast And The Furious ). What’s wrong with a nice, pretty frock, eh Michelle?

Was Lost Her Destiny?
Put it this way, take-no-shit bad-ass Ana Lucia wasn’t much of a stretch. Her supposed “chemistry” with Sawyer on the other hand, was less than convincing. Bit of a half-baked character this one, if you ask us.

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