Live, die, repeat in Valhalla with Wonder Woman #770 preview

Wonder Woman #770
(Image credit: Travis Moore/Tamra Bonvillain/Pat Brousseau (DC))

Fresh off the redefining Dark Nights: Death Metal and the prospective future for her seen in Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman, DC's ongoing Wonder Woman title enters a new era next week with the beginning of a new creative team - and we have a first look at what they're doing.

Here's a preview of Wonder Woman #770 by writers Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad, with art by Travis Moore and Tamra Bonvillain, then letters by Pat Brousseau.

"What. Is. Happening?! Wonder Woman just woke up in the middle of battle, with rampaging hordes of mythological beasts bearing down on her!," reads DC's description of Wonder Woman #770. "Not even the Princess of the Amazons can survive such an assault, but that's okay—it's just another day in Valhalla!"

(Image credit: Travis Moore/Tamra Bonvillain/Pat Brousseau (DC))

That's right - Wonder Woman has been dropped head-first into her own version of Edge of Tomorrow - in Asgard, no less. 

"The warriors here spend their days fighting and their nights drinking—and if they die in combat they'll be resurrected in time for the party. Strange, though, that no one seems surprised to see Wonder Woman in this crowd. It's up to Diana to find out why things are going wrong in the Sphere of the Gods—and whether it has anything to do with what landed her in the Norse afterlife."

When you say 'Asgard' and 'Norse' in comics, your mind automatically turns to think about Thor. He'll actually be showing up - DC's version of Thor, that is - very soon in this new run.

Wonder Woman #770 goes on sale on March 9.

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