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Thor returns to help Wonder Woman fight her evil self

Wonder Woman #772 cover excerpt
(Image credit: Travis Moore (DC))

How can Wonder Woman fight a darker version of herself? Well, that's where Thor comes in.

Wonder Woman #772 variant cover (Image credit: Joshua Middleton (DC))

DC's Thor, that is.

In this May's Wonder Woman #772 (as revealed in DC's May 2021 schedule), the Norse god Thor will return to the DCU to help the Amazing Amazon in an Asgardian adventure she'll begin this March once the new creative team of Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Travis Moore take over the book.

"Wonder Woman may have outsmarted the beasts of Asgard for now, but nothing has prepared her for what's to come," reads DC's description of Wonder Woman #772. "Diana's darkest self has emerged as a new opponent, and she'll need help from an unexpected ally whose connection to thunder has inspired many a tale: Thor!

(Image credit: Travis Moore (DC))

"Can this god-and-demi-goddess duo find out what has disturbed the balance of things? Or are they doomed to leave everything, including their lives, on the battlefield? Find out as this Norse narrative continues!"

If you thought a superheroic Thor was the strict domain of Marvel, you'd be wrong - DC adapted Thor to superhero comics two decades before Marvel did. In fact, Marvel's Thor co-creator Jack Kirby created a version of Thor for DC back in 1942's Adventure Comics #75, with his Captain America partner Joe Simon.

It's not immediately clear if this Thor appearing in Wonder Woman #772 is that Thor, or perhaps another from DC canon - or some new version altogether.

We'll find out when Wonder Woman #772 goes on sale on May 11.

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