Watch exclusive clips from Joss Whedons Much Ado About Nothing commentary

Joss Whedon’s fantastic Shakespeare adaptation Much Ado About Nothing is coming to DVD and Blu-ray soon, and we’ve gotten hold of some exclusive snippets from the director’s commentary.

In the following three clips, Whedon chats about why he wanted to adapt Shakespeare in the first place (it was a dream 10 years in the making, apparently) and why the credits are at the start of the film.

Better still, the Avengers writer-director reveals that one of the scenes was entirely improvised by Alexis Denisof – something that made Whedon nervous, until he saw what brilliance Denisof had come up with.

Check out the commentary clips below…

Starring a huge cast of Buffy , Angel and Firefly alumni – including Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion and Fran Kranz – Much Ado About Nothing is available on Blu-ray and DVD on 7 October.

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