All the talking woman answers in Like a Dragon Ishin (her name's Sakiko because obviously you were paying attention…?)

Like a Dragon Ishin talking woman Sakiko
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The Like a Dragon Ishin talking woman in Fushimi, whose name is Sakiko, wants answers for a test on her storytelling. As she tells an incredibly long narrative in the "It's a Long Story" side quest, as boring as it is detailed, she'll then suddenly surprise you with a comprehension test, wanting you to remember what she was saying and ensuring that you were actually pay attention to her tale. If you skipped past it and worry about seeming rude when you get the answers wrong, here's all of Sakiko's answers in Like a Dragon Ishin.

Answering Sakiko's questions in Like a Dragon Ishin

Like a Dragon Ishin talking woman Sakiko

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In Like a Dragon Ishin, Sakiko's questions come at the end of her long monologue, with only one chance to get a refresher - effectively your single-use lifeline. So rather than a test of intelligence or your skill with the Like a Dragon Ishin fighting styles, it's a memory challenge, and not an easy one. Here's the answers to her questions:

  1. What did Sakiko say she started to like when she was older? Bamboo shoots.
  2. My old friend, Kotaro-chan - where did we reunite? Outside a tea shop.
  3. Do you remember my name? Of course - it's Sakiko.

This isn't the first time you'll have to play this game with Sakiko, but it's the one that can catch you unawares, because it's not clear that you're going to be tested afterwards and you probably didn't actually bother to pay attention. Sakiko will give you a reward depending on how well you played (and with our help, you've got no excuse for not getting three out of three), and later in the game you'll be able to repeat this process for further rewards.

The first time you encounter Sakiko, of course, it's likely when you're wondering where to go where to go in Fushimi in Like a Dragon Ishin. We can explain that to you here, or use our Like a Dragon Ishin tips to help remind yourself of the true fundamentals!

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