Where to go in Fushimi in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Like a Dragon Ishin Fushimi where to go
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Where to go in Fushimi in Like a Dragon Ishin? After fighting the masked man and a quick brawl in the Dojo, you'll have a chance to explore this new district and find new quests, brawls and training opportunities. But... where to start? Fushimi is a big area and there's a lot to do, but no clear direction of where to go and what you should do. For that reason, we'll explain where you're going in this guide on where to go in Fushimi in Like a Dragon Ishin here.

Where to go in Fushimi in Like a Dragon Ishin

Like a Dragon Ishin Fushimi where to go

(Image credit: SEGA)

Fushimi serves at first as a kind of extended tutorial to some of Ishin's side mechanics, unlocked after the boss fight with the Like a Dragon Ishin Masked Man. Basically, the Ryomo has to encounter the area's tutorials before heading to a specific area to progress with the plot. We've laid out where to find them on the map above:

  1. Save the Priest from bandits (teaches about Virtue mechanic)
  2. Go to Komaki's Dojo (teaches about Dojos for upgrading Like a Dragon Ishin fighting styles)
  3. Fight the Ronin hassling the shopkeeper (Introduces marketplace and merchants)
  4. Speak to Sakiko (teaches about Substories with a quest outlined in our Like a Dragon Ishin talking woman guide)
  5. Get chased by guards (teaches chase mechanics and continues the plot)

We did these events in the order numbered above, but you may be able to do them in a different order for all that we know, especially considering they don't seem to be linked. It's the fifth event that progresses things and allows you to move on. At this point you'll be given a firmer direction and objective, though you'll still be able to explore Fushimi. If you're still looking for more help, our Like a Dragon Ishin tips will help you get to grips with things!

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