Life is Strange: True Colors ray-tracing fixes arrive with T-Pose problems up next

Life is Strange: True Colors review
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The Life is Strange: True Colors patch notes confirm the new changes and bug fixes which are now live in the story-driven adventure, including issues with ray tracing.

Developer Deck Nine previously laid out plans for three weeks worth of post-launch updates, and it confirmed on the official Life is Strange Twitter account that the first week is now live. Aside from fixing up issues with ray tracing across new-gen platforms and PC, the update also makes some tweaks to clear up a rare bug which could prevent Steam players from saving their game.

The update also goes after both black screen and "aggressive lighting" issues on Steam, because nobody wants a surprise light show when they're just trying to solve a mystery with their empathy superpowers.

The next week of updates for Life is Strange: True Colors are set to go live on Monday, September 27, with fixes for some unintended T-Posing moments, and then October 4th will hopefully fix up issues that cause frame rates to drop below 30FPS on both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Other issues currently under investigation by Deck Nine include low framerate in a power moment with Steph and chapter 3 crashes on PC, as well as a problem with Eleanor's feat not triggering on PS5. In the meantime, Deck Nine is encouraging players to keep sharing detailed bug reports on Reddit to help the studio find and squash more issues.

Glitches aside, Life is Strange: True Colors gave GamesRadar's Heather Wald a choice she still can't stop thinking about.

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