What happens if you lie at Hotel Krat in Lies of P?

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When you reach Hotel Krat in Lies of P you'll have to chose between telling a lie and saying you're human, or the truth that you're a puppet. The Hotel Defense System is clear that puppets aren't allowed and that only humans can come in. The story also sets up the idea that you have to lie to get it, so you probably did and now are dying to know what would have happened if you told the truth? Fortunately, I can tell you that you haven't missed much.

What happens if you say you're a puppet at Hotel Krat

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You'll arrive at what will become your base hub just after you defeat the Lies of P Parade Master boss and, if you say you're a puppet at the Hotel Krat door you don't get in, simple as that. There's no decision to be made here, despite the latter implication that you will be able to choose to gain humanity or not by deciding what to do in certain situations. When you reach the Hotel you have to lie and will get the message that 'your springs are reacting' to teach you that that's a thing that can happen.

So despite the illusion of choice, and the implications you will have a say in choosing whether to gain humanity or not, the door choice isn't really a choice. It largely seems to be there to show the humanity mechanic exists. Soon after the hotel you'll find the Lies of P weeping woman and will have the choice to lie or tell the truth to her. What you do there is up to you, but for now move on from the door, safe in the knowledge that you don't have any input in how it goes. 

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