How to level up in Lies of P

Lies of P levelling up
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If you're wondering how to level up in Lies of P then don't worry, it is confusing and inconsistent at first. In this Souls-like, however, where you can carry a wealth of Ergo - the game's XP/currency - you don't want to be unsure about where you can bank it. But, in the opening hour, the levelling up system isn't present initially and then, once it's established, it changes almost immediately into something different. So here's what's going on with Lies of P levelling up. 

Where do you level up in Lies of P?

Lies of P Krat Central Station Plaza levelling up

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You won't be able to level up in Lies of P until you leave the train station. To do that you'll have to explore the opening area fully and eventually beat the giant policeman puppet. They will drop the Krat Central Station Main Entrance Key that will let you get out into Krat Central Station Plaza (above). 

Lies of P levelling up stargazer

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As you leave the station you'll see some swirling blue lights ahead of you. Interact them and you'll restore a Stargazer. These objects act like fast travel checkpoints and are where you respawn on death. Crucially, at this point, Stargazers also let you level up using any Ergo you have collected.

However, confusingly, this all changes once you reach the hotel. When you get there and meet Sophia, she will become your levelling up point and the Stargazers will simply become fast travel/respawn checkpoints.

Lies of P Sophia levelling up

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So, once you reach the Hotel Krat - which is the opening goal of the game - the levelling up system will change completely. From that point on you'll have to to travel back to see Sophia every time you want to level up. There is at least a hotkey in the teleport menu that will take you straight there, without having to select it specifically - that at least makes it slightly less of a faff to do.  

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