Lies of P dev details "P-Organ" upgrades and honestly what more is there to say

Lies of P
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Lies of P is a very cool-looking Soulslike despite its very silly name, but now that the developers are talking about the "P-Organ" upgrade system even the most serious-minded members of the GamesRadar+ editorial team are having a hard time holding it together.

You see, folks, 'P' is the first letter of 'penis,' the male genital organ present in most vertebrate species, including humans. Thus, when we start talking about the 'P-Organ,' it's tough not to just revert into a middle-school mentality, which is what the editor who assigns me stories to write did today as we were watching the Xbox Games Showcase Extended stream. 

The P-Organ was previously revealed, but we got a detailed look at it as part of a lengthy gameplay showcase trailer. I'm going to let the dev commentary speak for itself here: "The P-Organ is a system that allows you to upgrade your character. Use Quartz to optimize P to your liking. Within the P-Organ, you can select which slots to unlock depending on your preference. Decrypting an entire group of slots will prompt a new set of special synergy effects."

If you want to see and interact with the P-Organ for yourself, the Lies of P demo that launched during Summer Game Fest will let you do just that - and, of course, get some hands-on time with what seems to be a legitimately promising Soulslike. 

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