Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Carbonite Brick locations guide


We're in the last stretch. Just 10 carbonite bricks to go and you'll have a host of newly unlocked characters to play with as well as rounding off your gold brick collection.

Carbonite #1

The first brick can be found in the covered area near the spawn point on the map.

Use the force on the broom to clear the cobwebs on the item on the wall.

Now it's all clean, it turns out that it was a carbonite brick.

Carbonite Brick #2

The next brick is in the same area as the first. 

You can see the brick locked away in this machine.

You need to do a stormtrooper disguise from the hat dispensing machine, or switch a stormtrooper to use the attached terminal.

Once you're successfully scanned, you can grab the carbonite brick.

Carbonite Brick #3

This brick is next to the Millenium Falcon.

Destroy the objects next to the ship and reassemble the parts into a BB-socket on the wall.

This will fill up the trough with water.

Break up the socket and use the bricks to make a second one on the left t power the speakers.

The beast will get his drink and you'll get your brick.

Carbonite Brick #4

I accidentally picked this brick up during a race, but it's in the northeast area.

When you see this chap, you're in the right place.

The brick is inside the broken hunk of garbage that the lives in.

Carbonite Brick #5

The next brick is in a semi-secret area.

Head up the ramp and break the barrier to enter the room beyond.

You have to clear out 12 enemies before you can take a look around. 

Once they're out of the way, use the valve on the right side of the room.

This will reveal the carbonite brick.

Carbonite Brick #6

The next brick is in the northwest corner of the map.

Climb the scaffold and stud wall to reach the top.

There's a door to the left that you can cut open with a lightsaber.

Switch to a character resistant to toxic gas and nip in to get the brick.

Carbonite Brick #7

The next brick is in the same area.

Climb down the stud wall to the level below.

Cross the beam and pull open the panel using the double grapple plugs.

Destroy the gold Lego wall that's now exposed.

Switch to a character that isn't affected by toxic gas and grab the brick.

Carbonite Brick #8

Head to the carbonite brick circled in red on the map above.

Approach the tunnel with the handholds on the side.

Destroy the gold Lego and reassemble the parts to make a few extra handholds and start climbing.

Hop over to the platform and grab the brick.

Carbonite Brick #9

This brick is the easiest to collect.

Just dive into the pool with Ackbar to find it.

Carbonite Brick #10

Head to the circled icon on the map above.

There's a scaffold just beyond the translate mission.

Use the grapple plug to get to the top.

Use the force on the white box up here.

And that's the last of the carbonite bricks. Don't forget to melt them all back at the resistance base to unlock extra characters. 

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