Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Carbonite Brick locations guide

Starkiller Base

There are ten carbonite bricks to find scattered throughout the base.

Carbonite Brick #1

We're starting off at the bottom of the map.

As you leave the area where the TIE fighters are parked, you'll spot a cracked wall.

The brick is behind it.

Carbonite Brick #2

Follow the path north to the next area.

There are handholds on the wall here.

Climb up and around the side of the building to find the brick.

Carbonite Brick #3

The next one is in the northeast corner of this area.

You need to deactivate the barrier to reach the brick.

Grab the appropriate disguise from the booth opposite.

Let the terminal scan you and you're in.

Carbonite Brick #4

Head to the hangar in the northwest corner.

Use the dark force to expose a BB-8 socket above the barrier.

Use BB-8 to bring down the barrier and nab the carbonite brick.

Carbonite Brick #5

Move down to the southwest corner.

There's a grapple plug on the side of the building here. You may need to jump onto the snowdrift to reach it.

Once you're on the roof, destroy the objects and reassemble into a BB-8 platform.

Watch the short cutscene with the turret.

Now you can go and collect the carbonite brick.

Carbonite Brick #6

Make your way to the top of the map.

Go straight down to the umbrellas at the end and destroy everything.

Reassemble the bricks into two vehicles.

When they fly off, they'll leave you with the carbonite brick.

Carbonite Brick #7

Continue along the path to the east.

Climb up the handholds on the right.

Thaw out the ice block at the top with the flametrooper.

You've got yourself another carbonite brick.

Carbonite Brick #8

The next brick is practically right next to the last.

From the thawed out ice block, boost across to the opposite ledge. 

Destroy the gold Lego bricks.

Now you just need to hop up to reach the brick.

Carbonite Brick #9

Continue on to the large open area and head south.

Use the force to move the damaged ship.

This will reveal a pool. Dive in with Ackbar to find the carbonite brick.

Carbonite Brick #10

The last collectible on this map is further south. 

There's a cave entrance blocked by cracked ice.

Break through to find the brick.

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