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Lego Star Wars III Red Brick Guide

Red Brick #7

Skill: x10
Cost: 40,000,000
Description: Whenever you pick up a stud, its value is multiplied by 10.

Location: Catwalks
Gold Bricks Needed: 3
Special Skills Needed: Explosive, Sith Force, Electric
How To Get: First, use an explosive attack to chip off some pieces from the giant silver object in the middle platform. Build the bricks that fall off to reveal an electric panel. Activate it, then use the Sith Force on the resulting formation.

Red Brick #8

Skill: Stud Magnet
Cost: 500,000
Description: Studs will be more easily "attracted" to you

Location: Catwalks
Gold Bricks Needed: 3
Special Skills Needed: Rapid Fire
How To Get: Destroy the four gold objects on the outlying walls. Two are on the main level, and two are above (use the method from Red Brick #6 to get there).

Red Brick #9

Skill: Character Studs
Cost: 100,000
Description: When you kill another character, they'll leave a small pile of studs for you to collect.

Location: Brig
Gold Bricks Needed: 3
Special Skills Needed: Bounty Hunter, Sith Force, Electric, TX-20
How To Get: Free all the prisoners from the brig. You'll need to activate all the panels, which are outlined in the "Special Skills Needed" description above. After you free everyone, go into each cell, destroy the back wall panel, and use the Force to screw off the valve.

Red Brick #10

Skill: Super Saber Cut
Cost: 300,000
Description: You can cut through walls much more quickly.

Location: Due north of the catwalks
Gold Bricks Needed: 3
Special Skills Needed: Sniper
How To Get: Snipe the three glowing green objects in the distance.

Red Brick #11

Skill: Glow in the Dark
Cost: 25,000
Description: Your characters will glow green when they are in dimly lit areas.

Location: Medical Bay (left of catwalks)
Gold Bricks Needed: 6
Special Skills Needed: None
How To Get: Attack the bed near the elevator.

Red Brick #12

Skill: Red Brick Detector
Cost: 125,000
Description: Arrows will appear to show you where the nearest Red Brick is (though why do you need that?)

Location: Bridge
Gold Bricks Needed: 0
Special Skills Needed: Small
How To Get: This is probably the first Red Brick in the game you saw. All you need to do to get it is destroy and assemble the blocks to the left, then crawl through the vent. Make sure you don't go through the vent on the right side; that's just there to trick you.