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Lego Star Wars III Red Brick Guide


The other six Red Bricks are found on the secondary overworld aircraft. To get there, first purchase a spaceship from the Resolute ship's hangar and fly right until you see the new area.

Red Brick #13

Skill: Perfect Deflect
Cost: 100,000
Description: You can block oncoming laser fire with 100% accuracy

Location: Hangar
Gold Bricks Needed: 10
Special Skills Needed: Astromech, Explosive Vehicle
How To Get: Use the Astromech panel to the right to reveal a bridge, then call up any vehicle to stand on the orange button. This opens up a door to reveal a silver object. Use an explosive attack to destroy it.

Red Brick #14

Skill: Dark Side
Cost: 150,000
Description: All Jedi characters can use Sith Force.

Location: Bridge
Gold Bricks Needed: 20
Special Skills Needed: Sith Force
How To Get: Use the Sith Force on the object directly above the main console.

Red Brick #15

Skill: Invincibility
Cost: 1,000,000
Description: Just like it says. The only way for you to take any damage is if you fall off a ledge or fly outside of a mission area.

Location: Landing Craft
Gold Bricks Needed: 25
Special Skills Needed: Clone
How To Get: Take any clone to the panel on the right side.

Red Brick #16

Skill: Skill: x8
Cost: 20,000,000
Description: Whenever you pick up a stud, its value is multiplied by eight.

Location: Observation Deck
Gold Bricks Needed: 30
Special Skills Needed: Explosive
How To Get: Use explosive attacks to destroy the large object in the middle of the room.

Red Brick #17

Skill: Regenerate Hearts
Cost: 400,000
Description: You will slowly recover hearts as you walk around.

Location: To the left of the hangar
Gold Bricks Needed: 10
Special Skills Needed: Bounty Hunter
How To Get: Use a Bounty Hunter to create the bridge to the left of the hangar, then walk to the room all the way to the left (not the elevator). In this room, knock all four of the objects on the ceiling to the ground. Target them with a light saber throw, as you cannot target them with any other attack.

Red Brick #18

Skill: Dual Wield
Cost: 250,000
Description: All Jedi characters will now wield two light sabers.

Location: Hangar
Gold Bricks Needed: 10
Special Skills Needed: Sith Force
How To Get: Use Sith Force directly under this very conspicuous Red Brick, then jump on the newly formed bridge.