Lego Star Wars II gets prequel characters

Wednesday 30 August 2006
Xbox 360 gamers will be able to download Star Wars prequel characters from Xbox Live Marketplace to feature in their Lego Star Wars II game when it is released in September.

As if you needed more reasons to fall in love with Lego Star Wars II, the ability to import characters from Episodes I to III with a save from the original game was the transparent red bit to crown the plastic cake. It did, however, leave a question over how Xbox 360 owners - who didn't get Lego Star Wars the first time round - would be able to share in the fun.

Happily, publisher LucasArts has now revealed that the prequel cast will be available as a download from Xbox Live Marketplace - for a fee, but one that should be a fraction of the original game's cost.

Now you next-gen types have no excuse not to pit ninja Yoda against the rancor, or allow General Grevious to see the error of his ways and fight for peace, justice and 'accidental' Ewok smitings on the forest moon.

Above: Some levels will only take place in vehicles - like the Hoth battle