Lego Jurassic World Sick Dinosaur Guide

Lost World: Jurassic Park

There are two dinosaurs in need of your help on the island.

Sick Dino #1 - Hunting Plains

You'll come across this dinosaur as part of the story and will have to help it out if you want to progress.

You can find a banana by picking up and tracking the item to the left of the triceratops.

Use a crowbar to open up the cave to the left of where the car has crashed.

You'll find the miscellaneous vegetable inside using Ian Malcolm's illuminate ability.

To the left of the car is a big pile of bones.

Interact with them to build a contraption to jettison a character to the platform above.

Smash up the mushrooms to find one that you can take down to feed to the dinosaur.

Sick Dino #2 - Long Grass

The raptor is having some downtime near the blue pad.

Head over to the dig pile to the left.

Track the bone you'll find beneath it to the chicken leg.

Destroy the plastic barrier at the edge of the area.

Rebuild it into a box of juicy stakes and grab one for the dinosaur.

There's a watering spot opposite the raptor under some rocks.

The carnivorous plant that sprouts from it will spit out the last item you need.

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