LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 character guide

Gilderoy Lockhart (Green Jacket) – Head on over to Hagrid’s Garden and use the Time Turner to travel to the past. Walk over to the left side of the garden and use Wingardium Leviosa to use the axe

Ginny Weasley – In the first Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom there is a metal grate in the back that requires Dark Magic to break. Do so to retrieve this token.

Ginny (Cardigan) – Outside of Hogwarts, near Hagrid’s Hut, go to the south to find a pixie holding up a blue rocket. Get rid of it and then light up the rocket to cause this token to appear. Get the flying pumpkin from the other pixie and then fly on up to it.

Girl – In the second charms classroom you need to light the two candles on the first floor and two on the second to make this token appear.

Gryffindor Boy
– In the main room of the Gryffindor Dorm jump over the top left red sofa (with the boy on it) to find this token behind him. You may have to zap him before you can get to this.

Gryffindor Girl – After learning Lumos head towards the Potions classroom. Here you will see a boy waving around a character token – zap him, chase him and zap him again. When he moves near the door use Wingardium Leviosa to open the container behind him to reveal a snake, this scares him into dropping the token for you.

Hannah Abbot
– In the main hall that leads to most of the classes you will have to travel around the hall and light the various torches around the area to make this appear before you.

Harry (Blue Shirt) – When you open the way to the bathrooms from the Great Hall this will be beneath the spiral staircase and is pretty hard to miss.

Harry (Maze Task) – In the first Defense Against the Dark Arts room there is a chest in the back that, when opened, can be used to create a door to a hidden clockwork room. There are three multicolored banners on the rear wall, blast these three to cause the token to appear.

Harry (Quidditch) – Head out onto the Quidditch field and send out Fang or Hermoine’s cat and have it dig up the five dig spots. This will cause the character token to pop out of the last hole.

Hermoine (Cat) – Make your way to the great hall and take the right spiral staircase into the bathroom hallway. As soon as you enter there is a cabinet to your left that Hermoine can open to get this token.

Hermoine (Grey Hooded Top) – From the large fountain courtyard move to the west and then continue to the north to reach the Owlery (opening the door by defeating the boggart). When you enter the Owlery go up the stairs above you and use Wingardium Leviosa to put the staircase back together. Drop back down and go to the right, using the bridge to reach the token.

Hermoine (Grey Top) / Professor Trelawnay – Head on up to the Divination classroom with a goblin and Dark Magic user. Go to the north side of the room and unlock the safe to get the Professor and destroy the Dark Magic cabinet to get Hermoine.

Hufflepuff Boy – In the large courtyard with the fountain, pick up the mandragora and bring it to each of the five glass domes to reveal this token. If you’re having a hard time finding the last one then it’s probably in the location in the screenshot below.

Hufflepuff Girl
– Getting to this girl is a huge pain in the rear. First you have to be able to enter the Hufflepuff dorm then you have to figure out how to open up the freaking bedroom. This requires that you use Wingardium Leviosa to bend down the candelabra right next to the entrance door. Doing this prompts a secret door under the stairs to open up and inside is a mandragora. Pick it up and put it inside of the flower pot near the left side of the room to open the door up. Now go inside the bedroom and look right next to you, there is a treasure chest there that can be blasted open. Do so and then use WL to put the pieces together into a radio, prompting this character to spawn.

Hufflepuff Prefect – From the courtyard with the fountain in it leave via the left exit to reach a second smaller courtyard. Use your magic on the upper left chest to reveal LEGO pieces that must be used to build a path up to the character token.

Katie Bell – In the area outside of the Quidditch Stadium use magic on the five Gryffindor house banners to prompt this token to appear.

Lee McMillan
– In the main hall that leads to most of the classrooms go up the right stairs and to the right to find three golden statues. Blast them to reveal this token.

Mad Eye Moody
– Go back to the Charms classroom and use Reducto to get down to the underground. Head to the right and blast the two rocks. Levitate the two parts back onto the dragon to cause Mad-Eye Moody’s character token to reappear.

Madam Hooch – From the bathroom hallway go to the far door and use Reducto to open it up. In here, the boys bathroom, make your way to the bottom right corner of the room. Use Wingardium Leviosa to move the paint can around to paint a face on the wall which prompts this token to spawn in.

Madam Pince – In the main area at the foot of the moving stairs take the exit in the upper right corner. Now blast the three panels on the wall in this outdoor hallway to cause her token to appear.

Madam Rosmeta – There is a clock tower that can be entered from the outdoor area near the Quidditch field. You’ll have to defeat the boggart in the chest along the right side of the yard. Use the key this boggart drops and open the door. Go inside and use the Time Turner to have a quick jaunt to the past. Head to the rear corner of the room to find a cabinet sealed with a Reducto lock, blast it open and use Hermoine to open the door and get this token.