LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 character guide

Milicent Bulstrode – In the main hall that connects to most of the classrooms head up the left staircase. Here you will find a Dark Magic cabinet , blow this up to get this character.

Milkman – There is a clock tower that can be entered from the outdoor area near the Quidditch field. You’ll have to defeat the boggart in the chest along the right side of the yard. Use the key this boggart drops and open the door. Go inside and use the Time Turner to have a quick jaunt to the past – this will be right out in the open.

Molly Weasley / Colin Greevy – From the Great Hall head on into the dining hall to your north. At the far corner of the room you can find two Reducto locks, one to the right and one to the left. Blow these open to find these two characters.

Mr. Mason
– Go onto the staircase and follow it up to the blue door on the level below Dumbledores office. Blast the switch near the door to get inside and then start zapping the Cedric Diggory bobbleheads to make this appear next to them.

Mrs. Mason – Go onto the staircase and follow it up to the blue door on the level below Dumbledores office. Blast the switch near the door to get inside and then shoot the floor buffer in the bottom right corner to make this appear. Jump off of a flower to reach it easily.

Nearly Headless Nick – Inside of Dumbledore’s office go to the far side of the room and blast the candles atop the candle holder. This causes a blue flame to float over to the wall and reveal this ghost.

Neville Longbottom
– Head inside of the Hufflepuff dormitory and go to the southeast part of the room. Here a mandrake is harassing the students so yoink it up by the leaves and use it to shatter the three glass objects in the room. That will prompt this to spawn in.

Oliver Wood – From the main classroom area go out the doors to the east. This will leave you in a garden area where you have to gather the ingredients for a strength potion – do so and then pull the chain. This causes a series of rings to appear above you so hop onto a broom and fly through them to get this token.

Padma Patil
– In the area outside of the Quidditch stadium use magic on the four Slytherin house banners to prompt this token to appear.

Padma (Ballgown) – In the Ravenclaw dorm go into the bedroom and blast the bed closest to the door. This will knock the top of it off and allow you to bounce on the bed to reach the token.

Parvati Patil
– In the first Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom use your magic on the four blue books to get this token to appear.

Parvati (Ballgown) – In the second Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom destroy the three spider webs around the room to prompt this token to appear.

Penelope Clearwater – Inside of the Ravenclaw area, just outside the dorm proper, blow open the door to the left of the entrance you came in from. Put together the telescope and this will appear in front of it.

Percy Weasley – Outside of Hogwarts, near Hagrids Hut, you will unlock this character by uprooting all four carrots out here.

Percy (Sweater) – Head up the moving staircase until you reach the blue door. Use your magic on the flowers just outside to make this token appear.

Petunia Dursley – Make your way to Hagrid’s Garden and use the Time Turner to go back into the past. Head over to the upper right side of the garden and dig there to find Petunia buried there.

Professor Binns – Take the moving stairs up to Dumbledore’s office. Here use Wingardium Leviosa to prompt the character token to appear.

Professor Dumbledore / Professor Dumbledore (Grey) – Head into Dumbledore’s office at the top of the moving stairs. Here you’ll need to search the room to gather the ingredients for a strength potion then use it. Go to the top of the stairs and pull the chain to open a door beneath you (full of blue studs) and send a space model down from the ceiling. The blue stud room has a Dark Magic chest that can be opened to get Dumbledore 1 and start blasting at the model. Blast all of the planets and then the sun to make Professor Dumbledore (Grey) appear.

Professor Flitwick – In the second charms classroom you will need to use Griphook to open the sub-area. Go down and navigate over to grates to the chest and blast the boggart that comes out to get this token.

Professor McGonnagal / Fred Weasley – Head on into the upper right classroom in the main hall to get a Transfiguration lesson. Then use Reducto on the left wall to blow open the silver lock and go into the next room. Use Transfiguration to get rid of the moving targets to net a gold brick and Professor McGonnagal. Then go the upper left corner and behind the chalkboard to get Fred.

Professor Quirrel – In the first Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom there is a Dark Magic gate that can be opened to receive Ginny Weasley. Go through that hallway and you will be in a room with pendulums being swung by pixies. Get past them and go down to the lower level to deal with more pixies. At the far end of this lower level is this character token.

Professor Snape – Make your way to the potions classroom and go through the door at the far end of the room. Here you must gather three keys and place them in the gate on the right side of the room and this will require a Hufflepuff student, Griphook and Hermoine. The student can get one key by waving at the picture, Hermoine can open the cabinet to get another and Griphook can use his key to open up the safe that you can build inside of the snakes stomach. Put these in the gate to cause LEGO blocks to spill out. Now use these to build a staircase going up to the left and run to the far end of this platform to find a Reducto locked chest containing Snape.