LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 character guide

Year Three

3.1 – News from Azkaban

Shaun Shunpike
– On the train platform use your Dark Magic to pop the lock on the treasure chest near the benches and open it up for Shaun.

Ernie Prang
– At the far end of the train platform is a Dark Magic cabinet, open it to get the token.

Trolly Witch
– On the train move the Trolly Witch out of the way to reveal a Dark Magic lock on the bathroom door. Yank it open and get the token from inside.

3.2 – Hogsmeade

Crabbe (Sweater)
– In the tunnel you will need to use a torch to drop platforms in your path. On the other side break open the Dark Magic rock to reveal this token.

Goyle (Sweater)
– When you appear in the candy shop use Reducto on the fortune telling machine near where you start.

Draco (sweater)
– Just outside Hogsmeade go down the left path to find a purple wizard with the token. Zap him and he will move down to the end of the right path. Zap him again and he will move near the giant snowball. Use Reducto to blast open the lock on the container and then use Wingardium Leviosa to reveal a snake. This scares off the wizard and nets you the token.

3.3 – Mischief Managed

George (Sweater)
– When you reach the first large room look to your left to see a cabinet that Hermoine can interact with. Open it up to release a table that can be put together. Leap off of it to reach the token.

The Grey Lady
– Once you’re outside climb up to the upper level with Filch. Use Reducto on the leftmost window to blow it open and rescue a student. Hop on in and go to the left to find the token (you should be able to see it faintly).

Fred (Sweater)
– Near the exit from the upper area there is an open window. Leap inside and behind the table to find this hidden token.

3.4 – The Shrieking Shack

Witch (Grey)
– When fighting the Whomping Willow head to the left and use Fang to dig up the ground. This reveals a Dark Magic chest, open it to receive the token.

Peter Pettigrew
– Inside of the Shrieking Shack head to the left where the kids are hiding. Use your Dark Magic to pop open the cabinet and get this token.

Hermoine (Red Hooded Top)
– Once you’re back outside there will be a locked chest with a Reducto lock on it, Hermoine is inside.

3.5 – Dementor’s Kiss

Professor Lupin – After filling in the lake head to the upper level and look to the right of the small lake here. Use Reducto on the chest to open it up and get this token.

Cornelius Fudge
– When you reach the final fight with the Dementors ignore them and go straight to the right to find some silver plants. Blow them up and speak to the snake to receive this token.

– This takes a bit of doing. After using the rock to get the attention of the Dementors ignore them again and go up the right side. Climb up to the second level then use the levitating platform to reach the Dark Magic rocks and reveal this token.

3.6 – The Dark Tower

James Potter (Ghost)
– This token can be seen in the background as soon as you start the mission. However you’ll have to cross the bridge before you can get to it. Turn to the left and blow open the locked door with Reducto to reveal a staircase that leads to the token.

Lily Potter (Ghost)
– As soon as you go inside this is in a locked Reducto chest in front of you. It’s impossible to miss.

Sirius Black
– When you get back outside drop down off the bottom of the building to where the purple gargoyle is. Place it back on its platform to break the window and then head inside. Now use Dark Magic on the cabinet in here to receive this final token.