LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 character guide

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Diagon Alley

Harry (Tuxedo)
– Enter Madam Malkin’s Robes and go up the stairs. Walk up to the changing room next to the stairs and it will open, revealing a mostly undressed wizard. When he closes the shade you will get this character.

Hermoine (Ballgown) – Inside of Madam Malkin’s robes use Wingardium Leviosa to put the clothes back on the racks to cause this to appear.

Knockturn Alley

Igor Karkaroff
– As you walk down the alley this is visible on a bridge above you. Use Wingardium Leviosa to create stairs using the nearby cartful of planks to reach it.

Shifty Wizard – Just past Igor Karkaroff this is floating in the air to the left. You’ll need to move the nearby table under it via Reducto to reach the token.

The Bloody Baron
– Climb into the cart that you pulled the wooden planks out of and zap the cart to send yourself flying up to the character token.

– To unlock the big guy himself you have to do a whole lot of work. You must acquire all 200 gold bricks and all red bricks to prompt a door to appear in the store. Go inside and complete the rather tedious mission to get Voldemort to unlock.


Alicia Spinnet – Go from the moving stairs into the lobby area and unlock the door in the upper left corner with the green key. This leads to the library where four characters are found. Go to the far end of the room and head to the right. Blast open the chest here and then levitate the glasses onto the painting to open the age locked door. You’ll either have to create the potion for aging or you’ll need an adult. Either way go into the next room and use Hermoine’s book skill to open up the cabinet. This gives you a book trolley to ride, ride this to pick up the various books to make Alicia appear.

Amos Diggory – When in Hagrid’s garden go all the way to your right to find a locked chest. Blast this open with Reducto to reveal the token.

Angelina Johnson – Take the exit from the fountain courtyard towards the pendulum to enter a rear courtyard. Here you will need to run around and zap the ten torch sconces around the area to get this token to appear.

Bassist – Outside of Hogwarts, past Hagrid’s Hut, is a silver gate that can be blown open to access the lake area. Here you can get the Bassist token to appear by repeatedly blasting the moles.

Boy – In the Charms classroom use magic on the bookcase on the upper level and just wait until this spawns in. It’ll take like three or four uses before it appears.

Cedric (Lake Task) – Outside of Hogwarts, near Hagrid’s Hut, there are three rockets. Setting off the red one calls up a Krum token, setting off the blue calls up a Ginny one and, after those have been set off, the third green one can be set off. This calls up Cedric in the air.

Cho Chang – From the courtyard with the fountain take the exit towards the pendulum to reach another courtyard. Defeat the boggart in the chest to the south to get the key to the gate to the north, this leads to the path to the owlry. Free the four owls (one is in the egg inside the maze) and go to the upper level. Here you need to play three records on the player, two of which are in plain view and one of which is inside the drawers in the back of the room.

Dean Thomas / Seamus Finnigan – Go into the Gryffindor boys bedroom and open the treasure chest to reveal the grandfather clock. With this you can use the Time Turner and go back to another version of the room. Then simply open both of the chests in here to get both of these characters.

Doris Crawford – Getting Doris is a bit confusing. You have to use Wingardium Leviosa on the six torches in the room at the foot of the moving staircase. Then head out through the upper right hand door to reach another hallway that is connected to the lobby area. Now use WL on the three torches here (one with a Reducto lock of all things) to cause this one to pop up.

Draco Malfoy – In the first Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom there is a Dark Magic gate that can be opened to receive Ginny Weasley. Go through that hallway and you will be in a room with pendulums being swung by pixies. Destroy the four pixies on this level to prompt this token to appear.

Drummer – Make your way to the Herbology class and blow open the door in the rear to reach a back area of the greenhouse. Go through the northern door and you will be in a large domed room. Go up the stairs to reach a treasure chest that has a boggart in it. Get rid of it to reveal this token.

Dudley Dursley - Go onto the staircase and follow it up to the blue door on the level below Dumbledores office. Blast the switch near the door to get inside and start blasting the computer. After a few hits it will spit out this character token.

Ernie McMillan – In the main hall that leads to most of the classes you will need to use the Mandrake to break the six glass domes spread out around the area. The token will appear in front of you when you do.

Gabrielle Delacour – Upon entering the actual Ravenclaw dorm zap the treasure chest near the writing desk. This prompts a red orb to fly around the room until caught by an animal head. Once it’s caught the token appears under the head.

George (Quidditch) – Make your way to the Quidditch Stadium, the entrance is near Hagrid’s Hut, and use the Time Turner to go into the past. Head on over to the popcorn stand and use Wingardium Leviosa to put the nearby corn into the stand itself. This will make the token appear after a few moments.