Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Minikit locations guide

Bonus: Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel! 

Minikit #1 (Story Mode)

Right near the start of the level is a ringing telephone; there are three total in the level. Destroy them all to earn a minikit.

The second is on the far right side of the Batcave.

The third is on the left side of the Batcave.

Minikit #2 (Free Play)

On the left side of the Batcave is a tech panel. Use a tech character to open the nearby doors, revealing a ton of loose pieces. Build these into a car, then drive over the three hurdles that appear for a minikit.

Minikit #3 (Free Play)

On the same side of the cave is an electrical conduit. Use an electric character to charge it (you can get a charge from the conduit above the Bat-symbol door) to move some boxes along the conveyor belt. A sense spot then appears, so use a sensory character to reveal a dirt patch. Use a digging character to unearth loose pieces, then build them into a turnstile. Push it to bring a minikit down the conveyor belt to you.

Minikit #4 (Story Mode)

Look to the northwest part of the Batcave to see the firemen's poles and a minikit. Bounce off the poles' bases to reach it.

Minikit #5 (Free Play)

After opening up the Bat-symbol door (which you have to do for Minikit #3), peek inside the opening to spot a vent. Slip through with Plastic Man to grab a minikit on the other side of some lasers.

Minikit #6 (Story Mode)

When chasing the Joker down the highway, switch control to Batgirl. You can grab a minikit as it scrolls by.

Minikit #7 (Story Mode)

You'll pick up another one while driving along the road in the Batmobile.

Minikit #8 (Free Play)

Fly above the diner bar to find this minikit behind a set of Joker teeth on the banister.

Minikit #9 (Story Mode)

When you reach the top floor of the diner, check the back left corner for a set of Joker teeth. Nail them with a boomerang to drop a minikit to you.

Minikit #10 (Free Play)

In the other corner is a freezer. Bust the doors off, then use a laser character to melt the ice around the minikit inside - it's the final one in the whole game!

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