LA Noire DLC is 50% off on XBLA this week

This week sees Xbox 360 players eligible for half-off specials on downloadable LA Noire content, with cases and clothing alike available for 50% of the usual prices. Four additional cases allow you to revisit Team Bondi's sprawling vintage tribute to the City of Angels, and three new suits let you look at a marginally different-looking Cole Phelps while doing so.

Above: Identifying strains of vintage kush, just one of the marginally-useful skills you'll pick up from the cheaper DLC

The bonus cases – the Nicholson Electroplating arson, Slip of the Tongue, Reefer Madness and Naked City – are all down to 160 MSP until Jan 30. There's also Sharpshooter and Broderick suits to strut about in for 40 MSP apiece, or the Button Man attire for 80 MSP. This latter comes with the Badge Pursuit Challenge previously gifted only to pre-order customers.

If you bought and neglected to fully explore LA Noire – last year wasn't exactly sparse on big-ticket titles, after all – take this as an excuse to reacquaint yourself with the title, perhaps while ruminating on what a bright future these Team Bondi fellows have ahead of themselves...