Download of the Week: Even more shady goings on for Cole Phelps to shed light on in L.A. Noire's latest case

Platform:360/PS3| Publisher:Rockstar | Developer:Team Bondi |Price:320MS/%26pound;3.19

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Just when you thought it was safe to tread the streets of Los Angeles again, Rockstar provide us with even more dastardly business to take care of, mainly this penultimate DLCcase, Nicholson Electroplating.

There's a mega-explosionat Fred Nicholson's Electroplating plant, whichdestroysseveral buildings around it. Phelps must work out what the heck was being produced in the building before it wasmysteriouslyexploded into tinypixels.Cue searching new locations and wronglyaccusing innocent folk of all sorts. Or maybe that's just us.

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