There's a King Kong vs Godzilla movie on the way

Get ready for a monster mash of epic proportions, as Deadline is reporting that a King Kong vs. Godzilla movie is soon to be on the cards at Legendary Pictures. Expect carnage on the grandest scale imaginable…

The news comes as Legendary moves its Kong prequel Skull Island from Universal to Warner, home to the Godzilla franchise. That film will focus on Kong’s weird and wonderful home, with Tom Hiddleston heading up a group of visiting explorers. Meanwhile, Godzilla 2 is also in the pipeline, with the likes of Mothra and Rodan set to be introduced second time out.

However, according to the report, these two universes will then collide to pit giant ape against radioactive lizard in an eventual crossover film. Nothing more has been revealed in terms of plot specifics, but what more do you need to know… it’s King Kong vs. Godzilla! Place your bets now…

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George Wales

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