Karen Gillan still hasn't got her Avengers: Infinity War script - and it's not first time Marvel's played it safe with secrets

The logistics of Avengers: Infinity War must be off the scale. The biggest movie, well, ever, has a lot to sort out, but it seems that Karen Gillan hasn’t even got her script yet. Okay, it’s probably not a clerical error, but it is the latest in the long series of Marvel keeping things under wraps until the last possible moment, from stars burning scripts, to CIA-level technology.

Gillan – better known in the MCU as Nebula – revealed at Phoenix’s ComicCon (via ComicBook.com) that she still hasn’t seen her script, despite shooting having been underway for the better part of 2017. It’s obviously to ensure the script doesn’t go out before it absolutely has to. But that isn’t the only trick Marvel has up its (secret) sleeve…

Iron Fist’s Jessica Henwick previously let slip that Marvel’s policy for scripts are like something out of a Jason Bourne movie: “They don’t send you the script, you’ve got to get an app on your phone to access the scripts and the app has to be double-verification, like they’ve got to call you and you’ve got to get the passcode!”

Marvel’s taskmaster, Disney, also enjoy messing with their actors, as Henwick found out for her small role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens: “They led me into this tiny room which had a safe in it, and inside the safe was one envelope, and it was sealed, and inside the envelope were my pages. The pages were red so you couldn’t photocopy them.”

Tom Holland took matters into his own hands by burning his Avengers: Infinity War script – but that was only after he forgot to return his script to Marvel.

This follows on from Avengers: Age of Ultron involving a security guard accompanying the script right up to being delivered into Paul Bettany’s hands, plus a whole lot of shredding on set to avoid leaks.

Here’s hoping Gillen’s script hasn’t just been lost in the mail, otherwise Marvel will probably adopt a scorched earth policy to get it back…

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Image: Marvel

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