Justice League’s runtime is reportedly under 2 hours long (!), including credits

There’s a lot you can do in under 2 hours including, as it turns out, probably watch the new Justice League. Brevity is seemingly best when it comes to DC’s all-star superhero mashup – as one cinema chain has confirmed a runtime (including credits) of a smidgen under 120 minutes.

Empire Cinemas took to Twitter to reveal the runtime of November’s Justice League, with it coming in at exactly 1hr 59m and 53 seconds… which is surprising. I expected a much lengthier runtime.

For a movie that has a lot to fit in, including the aftermath of Superman’s death in Batman v Superman, and the debut of three new heroes to the DCEU, you’d think an extra half an hour or so wouldn’t go amiss. It’s also the shortest DC movie ever, with Suicide Squad clocking in at 123 minutes.

Previous rumours had the movie reaching a whopping 3 hours but, since Zack Snyder stepped away from directing due to a family tragedy and Joss Whedon was drafted in to replace him, it seems this new cut has gone in the opposite direction. Whedon’s sure been busy with those scissors.

Interestingly enough, Manabyte is reporting that Justice League is actually 121 minutes long, which has been backed up on social media by AMC Theaters. That still makes it the shortest DCEU outing, but tips it over the 2-hour mark.

What do you think? Is Justice League’s rumoured runtime too short, or is it just the right amount? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Warner Bros.

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