Just Cause 3 ancient tomb locations guide

Maestrale #8

Coordinates: 47.133, 38.056

There’s a mountain between Vulture and Guardia Maestrale I. There’s a tomb atop it.

Maestrale #9

Coordinates: 47.192, 39.018

There’s a set of ruins north of Guardia Maestrale I. There’s a tomb on the hill overlooking it.

Maestrale #10

Coordinates: 47.740, 38.740

Atop a hill in the southern tip of the province.


Coordinates: 44.602, 40.034

Right on the Prospere/Prima border.

Val De Mar #1

Coordinates: 47.105, 41.191

This tomb is on a cliff above a train tunnel, between the two lakes in central Val De Mar.

Val De Mar #2

Coordinates: 46.794, 40.777

The other tomb is off the highway, just southwest of the first one.

Costa Sud

Coordinates: 46.453, 46.689

In the northeast edge of the province is a set of ruins on a steppe. You’ll find a tomb there.

Litore Torto #1

Coordinates: 46.911, 45.680

This tomb is in a cluster of trees right on the Litore Torto/Costa Sud border.

Litore Torto #2

Coordinates: 50.463, 45.111

On a hill in the northern part of the province. Use the coordinates to get there.

Grande Pastura #1

Coordinates: 50.677, 41.788

This tomb rests on a hill near the middle of Grande Pasture. The coordinates will make it easy to find the right place.

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