Just Cause 3 daredevil jump guide

Just Cause 3 daredevil jump guide

Just Cause 3 daredevil jumps allow you to show off both your driving skills and your fearless nature, as you barrel vehicles off ramps and hurtle through the air. There are a total of 30 stunt ramps to be discovered around Medici, which you'll need to methodically tick off by launching yourself from them with enough speed, and once you've completed them all you'll earn the Consummate Daredevil achievement or trophy. Find yourself a speedy motor, then follow my coordinates and screenshots listed here to get a run up at every daredevil jump in Just Cause 3.

Insula Fonte daredevil jumps

Baia #1

Coordinates: 40.017, 43.762

At the southwestern border of the province, overlooking a bridge.

Baia #2

Coordinates: 40.155, 44.560

Overlooking a lighthouse in the southeastern pocket of the region.

Baia #3

Coordinates: 40.301, 44.617

By a windmill just north of the previous jump.

Lacos #1

Coordinates: 41.009, 44.416

This ramp is at the Baia border, just east of Fortalessa.

Lacos #2

Coordinates: 40.867, 43.743

At the top of a large hill just southwest from the lake.

Lacos #3

Coordinates: 40.768, 43.469

Head for the large hill in the middle of the province. There’s a ramp by the windmill up there.


Coordinates: 41.894, 42.608

This ramp is just north of Sancte Lucas.

Feno #1

Coordinates: 42.132, 42.439

Drive up the mountain near the Lavanda border to find this ramp near the peak.

Feno #2

Coordinates: 41.681, 43.053

This ramp is high in the mountains that divide Feno and Lavanda. Hitch a ride from the south gate of Cima Leon to get there.

Feno #3

Coordinates: 42.675, 42.858

Atop a hill immediately southwest of Babica.


Coordinates: 42.542, 43.302

This ramp leads right across the Plagia/Feno border south of Babica.

Sirocco Nord

Coordinates: 39.047, 42.874

This ramp is just northeast of Costa Di Ravello, overlooking the town.

Sirocco Sud

Coordinates: 38.504, 42.497

There’s a hill just southwest of Laguna Del Sol, and this ramp’s at the top.

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